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Andra is a town in the north-east of Anistal, east of the BraydenBridge and Randen. It is the home of Tsorin, the captain of the guard, who will help you with your quest if you can convince him to trust you.

The MountainFort, which guards the way to the Goblin lands, was built in the mountains south of Andra. There are those who would claim that all the lands around Andra belong to the Goblins, since they were forced out by invading humans many years ago.

To the north is a Temple which has been invaded with monsters as well. Temmin is there, helping the monks fight them back.

Objective: For Tsorin to trust you, he will give you an encrypted message to deliver to Derig. Derig will send a note back to him, giving you authorization to pass through the Fort.

SideQuest: The Temple actually holds the remains of a GoblinKing whose spirit is at unrest.

Programmatic name: town3

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