"Nella was right. This is an extremely stupid place to put a public notice." Maybe Casandra is a public worker or something, because she seems awfully interested in the correct placement of public notices. In any event, this is a kind of weak way to introduce the character. When she gets around to reading the notice, she gets very excited about the magical staff. "I could definitely use that," she thinks. Here is another character who leaves immediately.
Primary motivation: Casandra decides right away to go off on the quest to find a magical staff for the old man, but then she makes the obvious decision to keep the staff once she gets it. I mean, what's an old man going to do, gum her to death? This attitude indicates that she would rather have the power of the magical staff than the fame and fortune that comes with returning it to the old man. A wannabe despot?

Primary ability - Boost - this ability increases Casandra's Aura and Spirit by 50% to cast a spell... however, the spells costs 150% the normal MP amount. Not all spells benefit from boosted Aura/Spirit. Boost can be used once per battle.

Secondary ability - Casandra is 80% resistant to paralyzation and sleep.

PeterHull: I imagine Casandra as being a bit of a tomboy. Who is Nella, and what is their relationship? Maybe they are partners?

A backstory and sidequest from MrTroy:

Casandra was a local girl who always wanted to prove that she was the strongest person around. She always did her best to be a hero and save people as often as she could. Only problem was -- The town was extremely boring. There was absolutely nothing to do!

One day a strange man came into town offering a miricle growth formula that could change the entire town around. The Town (Mainly Agriculture), tempted into trying this new instant remedy began using this on their plants, causing them to grow into extremly large Healthy Plants... and quickly!

The man stayed in the town for a while. And much to everyone's surprise, as soon as he left bad things began to happen. Local creatures that came and ate the plants began to mutate and deform.

Casandra... and her sidekick Nella. Saved the day by defeating these terrible creatures and plants. And then... it was boring again. Oh how it was boring again...

Casandra felt that she was constantly gaining praise for no reason. She was made into a local celebrety. All kinds of shows and ribbon cuttings. Casandra's whole hero gig was diluted.

Nella seeing her slip up decided to come up with a solution. Putting Casandra in the heat of the battle again would make her feel the way she use to be.

And then she stumbled upon the flyer...

Side Quest? -- After being in real battles when you come back to Casandra's home town. Casandra doesn't feel her praise is well deserved. Not only has she seen the real world. But the monsters are returning, the only one around to save the day is Nella (Who is completely inexperienced) When you to a patch in the grass the ground collapses and you must wander an underground cavern. Towards the end you see Nella going head to head with the roots of a plant directly under the town hall. When you defeat it, you get the choice of giving Nella the fame, or Casandra.. Depending on who you choose something different happens.

ChrisBarry: I'm putting in my two cents on this character. I always pictured her as being pretty arrogant. Magic users are stereotypically so, and Casandra can Boost her abilities by 50%, so she can probably do the same to her attitude. ;) Kind of stuck up. This works in with the above comment (When she gets around to reading the notice, she gets very excited about the magical staff. "I could definitely use that," she thinks.) She's just a little power hungry. Very prideful and wants to keep getting better, just to be better than everyone else. I mean, some old guy wants his powerful magic staff back? Better for me to have it, she thinks!

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