Finds a note from master Largon on the door to what appears to be his cabin in the forest next to a clearing. Master Largon wants him to go investigate the magical staff matter. Corin is suspicious, and wonders who "this Nostik guy" is. So, he heads off to ReishaMountain, where the meeting is to take place.
Primary motivation: not overly clear. Perhaps he takes himself as responsible for fighting evil? This man appears to be a "classic hero," who embarks on the quest to make sure that no evil comes of it.

SpecialSkill? - Infuse - this allows Corin to cast an elemental type spell on himself. The different spells give Corin resistance (and weakness) to certain elements and boost other combat stats as well. Infuse can be used once per battle.

Secondary ability - Corin's resistance versus Earth, Fire, Air, and Water rises with his level.

PeterHull: I got the impression that Corin was a bit of a pessimist, but I don't know why. He is definitely the least well-defined character.

PeterHull: Here's my idea for Corin's background and what his side-quest might entail (all comments welcome!):

Corin's Story

Corin is one of the last hero-adventurers in Anistal. It was Corin who located the long-lost Dragon amulet, and Corin who rescued the Princess of Tears from the Obsidian serpent. For this deed, he won the Crystobalite Helm from the grateful King.

Yet Corin is a strange and solitary man. He has no known friends or family, and lives virtually alone in a forest hut. The only human contact he has is with MasterLargon, a wizened old sage who lives in a run-down manor nearby. Largon rarely ventures outside during daylight hours, preferring to spend his time studying and seeking quests for Corin. They share the spoils, and together, they survive.

For Corin, one day is very much like another. He feel that he has always been as he is now; he cannot remember ever being a child, or what his family were like, or where he came from. The only time he feels really alive is when he's on a quest.

Corin's story is a sad one. Corin was once know as Calum, and he and Largon were mighty warriors in the land of Anistal. One day, they found the body of a Troll, still clutching a egg-shaped jewel that glowed with a white light. This glowing jewel led Calum and Largon on the greatest adventure together, which also turned out to be their last.

Using the power of the jewel, they opened a passageway into the Axelrod Deeps, a cave system which lay near Sunarin. The two heroes fought long and hard to steal treasure from the pit of Axelrod, but their confidence was misplaced. From the moment that they entered, they were under observation, and, as they left, their white jewel turned against them, summoning up evil forces to defeat the heroes. Calum lost his mind utterly, but Largon suffered a worse fate. He began to grow old before his time. With every passing month, he withered and became weak. He devoted himself to nursing Calum back to health, giving him the new name, Corin.

Largon knows that his time is limited, but he is able to send Corin out, to use Corin as his eyes and ears. He knows that if he can find the white jewel again, he can recover his vitality, and, maybe, Corin will recover his memories.

The WhiteJewel is not connected with the main quest in KQ, but, on the way, Corin may discover some clues that lead him to find it. Once he has found it, he will be able to return home and restore Largon to health at the end of the game.

Note: There are other Corins watching this page

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