Hello KQ Fans,

Have played KQ from mountain top to defeating the OpalDragon for the fun of it. Here are my thoughts on the game. I had fun playing the game, so from that point of view good job. I found some things a little odd and some bugs. Played Debian version 0.98+cvs.20031006-2

The first thing that I found was visualizing where things were in relation to one another. I was able to find everything easily enough but the transporters were a little disorienting in relating distance and relative location. The number of transporter types is odd(Grotto, Green X, Yellow Dot). Why not just have one transporter type such as in the Grotto. The Oracle could give you a coin which would travel with your partner when using the OracleTower?. Getting the coin back after the Coliseum.

The tunnel from Ekla to Randen was deceptive. A very short tunnel but two locations that are very far apart.

The Denorian villagers take an awful long time to put the statue back. How long does it take to place a statue? A lot longer then it takes to build a bridge. It is their statue. I suppose they can do whatever they want with it.

Getting to the Coliseum. My first thought was why can't I just walk there? A land bridge or a tunnel would work.

After the Coliseum when Noslom and Ajathar reunite Ajathar has a complete new inventory. I was able to get the TitanGauntlet? from the OracleTower? which Ajathar had equipped. As soon as I went through the OracleCave? transporter the gauntlet was gone for good. That was a little annoying.

When getting to the Cult HQ this might be a good time to introduce a boat. Ajantara and Pulcannen are both coastal towns. The guys in Ajantara or Pulcannen could provide a boat with a crew that will only go to the island where the Cult is. Defeating the giant could be proof that you are not only willing but also worthy of ship transport. Defeating the cult could open up the mountain pass and the mine key could come as reward for defeating the giant which has been terrorizing Pulcannen. There are so many ways that the giant could be used. Unfortunately he can only be used once.

Was almost disappointed to find out that the OpalDragon is just another monster. It is this legendary creature who has lived for untold amount of time. A creature that has lived that long does not survive on strength alone. The dragon could be a bad beast or on no ones side because nobody is on its side. Defeat a rival and/or solve some cave problem, then the OpalDragon gives you the OpalArmour as reward.

BUGS: i. After talking to the Oracle from the right side the game hangs. When you finish talking to her then the party walks toward the exit. To get to the exit from the right side you have to go through the Oracle. Of course you cannot go through her so you just sit there pressed up against her.

ii. Maldea has two squares that look like ground and there is nothing to pick up but you cannot walk on them. They are in front of the inn to the right. Picky, picky, I know.

Hope that this helps to take KQ a little closer to completion.



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