About This Document

This document describes the different file formats found in the KQ source and KQ binary packages. It is arranged by extension. The descriptions are not complete, as some formats would take an entire page to explain. This page only gives brief descriptions of KQ's different files.

Who this document is for

This document is written for those who want to modify certain aspects of KQ which require modifying obscurely named files in formats that are not clearly specified.

KQ's File Formats

.c : C source files. These contain the source code for the KQ engine. They also contain some content, such as item and spell definitions.

.h : C header files.

.lua : Lua script files. These files contain most of the content for KQ. They define what happens when you load a specific map, and what happens when you walk on certain squares and talk to people. For info on creating these files, see the Tutorials. For more info on the Lua scripting language, see http://www.lua.org.

.map : These are KQ proprietary, binary tile-based map files. You can edit them with mapdraw2 and mapdraw. For low level information, see save_map() in mapfile.c.

.xm, .s3m, .mod : Midi-based music files.

.mon : Text File. Describes monsters. The meaning of each field is given in enemyc.c (and in the docs)

.dat : grabber dat file. These files contain compressed versions of other files, similar to zip. grabber is part of allegro. If you are using a Linux distribution's package of allegro, you may need to install the dev version of allegro.

.kq : Binary file. These are generated from the corresponding .txt file by the rescmp program. You can find the corresponding .txt file, as well as the source for rescmp, in the KQ/other directory.

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