1. What is KQ? KQ is a console-style role-playing game (RPG) in the FF1/Legend of Mana/Zelda style.
  2. Why is it here? KQ was abandoned by its original creator, JoshBolduc, for personal reasons. Because KQ was open source, we can host it here on SourceForge.
  3. Is KQ finished? According the author, the engine is complete, but some more scripting/level design needs to be done before KQ is finally done. There have been minor changes made to the completed engine since its conception.
  4. What do I need to run KQ? You will need the Allegro 4.x library, DUMB or JGMOD (for music) and Lua for scripting. We have just changed to Lua 5, so if you are tracking the CVS version, you'll need to get that version of Lua as well.
  5. Can I contribute? Please do. Just write to us on the KQ Mailing List.
  6. What Operating Systems does KQ run on? Most of the cross-platform code is handled by Allegro. It will run on DOS, Windows (98, ME, NT and XP), BeOS (not verified - can you help?) and Unix (Debian and Mandrake verified). The most recent releases added MacOSX support, though there are a few issues yet to be solved, to make it more Mac-like (they're a picky bunch, Mac users, but we love 'em!)
  7. How often is KQ updated? The stable version has only been released a few times; the CVS (development) version is constantly being updated.
  8. Which tools are used to create KQ?

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