This has been updated to include a TODO at the bottom of the game outline. The game's entire plot will be written here, and help will be needed to actually implement these changes and scripts.

This will give minimal detail for the game (to allow for artistic creativity), so feel free to add whatever you wish.

The game will be linear, but will have SideQuests which will reward the player with an extra character to join his or her party (up to 7 SideQuests, or 8 playable characters altogether).

The 7 SideQuests are
SideQuest1 (Ajathar): Close the TunnelPortal between Ekla and Randen with the RodOfCancellation.
SideQuest2 (Casandra): Rescue Randen's Mayor from the OrcCamp.
SideQuest3 (Temmin): Return the sacred GoblinJewel to the GoblinKing's tomb in the temple north of Andra.
SideQuest4 (Corin): Defeat the troll in the cave west of the Denorian Village.
SideQuest5 (Sarina): Stop the monsters from gaining access to the Oracle's portal.
SideQuest6 (Ayla): Loot the Ember's Guild in Sunarin.
SideQuest7 (Sensar): Defeat all the monsters in the OpalDragon's cave in KarnoksPass.

Currently, SideQuests 1-4 are working, while 5-7 need to be implemented.

As you make any changes, please remember to keep this page up-to-date.

Historical Background: (the game's prelude)

Malkaron was a general who never lost in battle. His power made him turn evil and he was a terror to the entire world. One day, he and his armies suddenly disappeared. Assuming Malkaron had been defeated or killed, peace once again began to return. But the peace didn't last long. Strange portals began to appear, spilling over with dreadful monsters. They were looking for something...

Eight friends and colleagues were gathered in secret by Nostik, who was once an advisor to Malkaron before he turned bad. He learned that Malkaron had a magical staff which he carried into all the battles with him, and anyone close it were made invincible. The staff's power was supposed to be a carefully-guarded secret, so when Nostik began to figure it out, Malkaron tried to kill him. Nostik escaped and went into hiding.

All 8 characters are discussed in both CastOfCharacters and SpecialPower.

Each of the 8 characters are quietly summoned to ReishaMountain where a man greets you and escorts you to NostiksManor. There, Nostik himself asks for your help. He suspects that the staff had been stolen and that the monsters are really just Malkaron's minions trying to get it back.

Your quest is to

1) Find out who stole the staff and where it is now located
2) Prevent Malkaron or his men from finding it

a) Adventure alone or stay in small parties (no more than 2) to avoid detection
b) Find MonsterPortals where Malkaron's forces are coming from and close them

3) Return and/or destroy the staff so Malkaron cannot get it

Once Nostik fills you in with your quest, everyone departs quickly, so you do not have time to join up with them before they leave. When you leave the manor, you find yourself on a small continent west of a town and a small Grotto.

Town1: Ekla

The town is Ekla, where you learn that one of the portals appeared in their UndergroundTunnel, and a DarkImp is blocking anyone from passing through.
Objective: Get past the monsters and into the adjoining town.

Town2: Randen

The next town is Randen where Ajathar is guarding the entrance against those monsters. You learn that the town's bridge has been destroyed and that the Mayor has disappeared as well.
Objective: Get the bridge rebuilt so you can cross.

When you leave Randen, you find yourself on a larger continent. To the west is the burned-out bridge, and to the south is the OrcCamp.

Bridge: BraydenBridge

Repairmen are working on the bridge now, and when you try to leave, a monster attacks the workers which you must defeat. Once it is defeated, you are told that the work on the bridge can continue and it will be completed by the following morning. Return to Randen and rest at the inn so it can be repaired.

Once the bridge is complete, you can cross the river. There, you will find a fort, a city, and a temple.

Fort: MountainFort

You will pass the fort at first, since the guards won't allow you go through without authorization.

Town3: Andra

The town north of the fort is Andra. Tsorin is here who is the only one who can give authorization to get through the fort. You also learn that a MonsterPortal has appeared in their Temple to the north as well.
Objective: Get Tsorin to let you pass by returning with a note from Derig.

Once you get authorization from Tsorin, you can pass through the fort. To the south you will find a village and two caves (one to the north of the village, and one to the west).

DVille: DenorianVillage

The village is the home of the Denorians, a group of "friendly goblins" who had their prized OracleStatue stolen. A troll was last seen taking it into the cave to the west.
Objective: Learn why the troll took the statue in the first place.

Their statue had been broken in half by Malkaron's men, who took one of the halves to the Oracle's TravelPoint.

Tower: Oracle

To the north of the Denorian Village are the caverns which lead to the castle of the Oracle. She is famous for creating a transportation device between the caverns and Pulcannen. She tells you that the Denorians had locked the entrance to it when the statue was stolen but the monsters became desperate and have begun mining through the walls to get to it again. The Oracle asks you to go make sure they don't get through.
Objective: Use the TravelPoint so you can get to Pulcannen.

Town4: Maldea

Because of the side-effects of the statue going into the TravelPoint, instead of being transported to Pulcannen (in the south) like you expected, you actually end up in Maldea (to the west). You find Gelik who is an "avid historian" who tells you that Malkaron's armies all used and wore Opal weapons/armour. He doesn't know whether it was because it's such a rare material or if there was another reason their entire army was reported to be outfitted with it. He knows that there are some people who have some broken pieces of the armor, and gives you tips on how to obtain them for yourself (usually by exchange or duel). You can also buy a house here where you get the spell Warp and can rest anytime for free. You notice that many people in this down are sick.
Objective: Locate all the pieces of the Opal weapons/armour.

When you leave, you find an estate to the east of town and a city of thieves to the south.

Estate: DungarsEstate

You find an estate to the east of town but Dungar is not there, so you can't do anything there yet.

Town5: Sunarin

To the south is Sunarin which is a city full of thieves. You find Dungar there who explains that the thieves just stole the OpalHelmet from him.
Objective: Defeat the thieves and obtain the Opal Helmet.

To the east of the city is a mountain pass, and to the south is a TravelPoint to the Coliseum as well as another city (further south).

Coliseum: Coliseum

You learn that you can get the OpalShield in the Coliseum, which you find south of Sunarin. Trayor owns the shield, and anyone who can defeat him in battle can receive it as the reward.
Objective: Defeat 5 combatants, and then Trayor, to obtain the Opal Shield.

Town6: Ajantara

South of the city of thieves, on the southern-most tip of the continent, is Ajantara. You learn that the OpalBand will be there. When you get into the town, you learn that the mayor's adopted daughter Breanne had been kidnapped by the ShadowWalkerCult and is being held in the tower on ShariaIsland. She was seen wearing the band before she was kidnapped.
Objective: Rescue Breanne to obtain the Opal Band.

Pass: KarnoksPass

When you return to Ajantara, the mayor gives you a key which can open the locked doors in the pass. These doors lead to the OpalCave where Malkaron had mined all the metal for his armies' opal weapons and armour. The caves had been infected with monsters, including a nasty OpalDragon, who guards the OpalArmour.
Objective: Defeat the Opal Dragon and obtain the Opal Armour.

Town7: Pulcannen

There is an OpalSmythe? in Pulcannen who can mend the armor for you. It costs a lot, but it be will prepared expertly enough that you can impersonate a MalkaronGuard? in the tunnels just north of Ajantara.
Objective: Have all your Opal weapons/armour mended.

Cave6: MalkaronsArmies?

Some (lazier) parts of Malkaron's armies are camped in the tunnels north of Ajantara. They have setup a base of operations here until the StaffOfXenarum is found again. They have collected several magical artifacts while looking for the staff themselves. One of the guards mentions an AirTank?, which lets you breathe underwater.
Objective: Loot their treasure rooms and find the Air Tank.

Once you find the Air Tank, you are discovered by the guards, who start chasing you. You must return to Nostik with the monsters on your heals. If you've sealed any MonsterPortals earlier, you would have noticed that monsters didn't attack anymore. Now that they're following you, monsters will attack again.

Underwater: UnderwaterTunnel:

When you return to the Manor, Nostik who tells you that he found out who stole the staff from Malkaron: a man named Binderak. He worries that the armies followed you back to the Manor, so he escorts you to the partially-submerged ruins in the Grotto and, with the aide of the tank, everyone can breathe while you go through the tunnel and get to the NewIsland?. Nostik knows that Binderak was last seen in this area a long time ago, so suggests that you start searching here.

You arrive on a continent with a refuge city to the east and a large dock to the north.

Town8: GoblinCity?

The town is another city of goblins who have been terrorized by Malkaron's armies but who are rebuilding. They know of Binderak but will only tell you that he "is close" and will not reveal any other information.
Objective: Find out how to locate Binderak.

You will find a boat at the dock to the north that will take you to Malkaron's continent if you're still wearing the Opal items. There, you only see a fortress to the north and a bunch of mountains.

Castle: MalkaronsFortress?

Malkaron's fortress is heaviliy guarded on the inside, but the outside is not. You find a hidden entrance and enter a dungeon. There, a Goblin prisoner from the Goblin city will tell you Binderak's general location in the mountains to the south of the fortress.
Objective: Escape from the guards once they notice you.

Cave7: BinderaksCave?

You find a peculiar mountain formation to the south-east of the fortress. There, you discover the cave where Binderak is hiding. Nostik tells you he'll wait outside and guard the entrance. He tells you that Malkaron killed his family so he tracked him down and broke the staff in half and then almost killed Malkaron. He was stopped by Malkaron's brother so he had to flee with only half the staff.

Nostik comes into the room with Malkaron behind him. You get ready for a fight, but Nostik takes Malkaron's side: he is Malkaron's brother. Nostik and Malkaron grab the second half of the staff and put the staff back together. Nostik and Malkaron's armies now turn on you and Binderak. You are captured and the game ends in suspense.

...The End...

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