The Grotto is located north of Ekla. At first glance, no one appears to be here. You can find a man named Derig here, though, depending on the scenario:

Scenario 1: Jen in Ekla will ask you to find Derig here (for the SideQuest). You will find a hidden pit here which, if you fall down it, Derig will hear you calling out for help and lift you out. He helps you locate and use the RodOfCancellation, which is located in the GrottoRuins beyond (you have to use the GrottoPortal to teleport there).

Scenario 2: You completed the above SideQuest and now Derig has returned the Rod to the GrottoRuins and is waiting for you. He calls himself a prophet and says he has had a dream about you, the other adventurers, and your quest, and everything he has dreamt about so far has happened. Naturally, you inquire where you could start your search. He tells you to head eastward on the mainland to meet a man named Tsorin in Andra, who is the captain of the city guard. Tsorin would help you from there.

Scenario 3: Once you spoke with Tsorin, you were given an encrypted message which you return to Derig. Derig will be waiting to hear from him, and when he receives the note, sends a message back to grant you passage through the MountainFort.

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