This text is taken directly from JB's web-site, (c) Josh Bolduc 2003

Firstly, let me just say that I had big plans to re-work the parts of the story that I already had and flesh them out, especially the one-dimensional heroes.

Okay, so I left KQ with the heroes on their way to get the Opal Armor from a cave in the 'pass'. Inside the cave was to be a society of Dark Larinon (Dark Elves essentially). Normally, the Dark Larinon are rather unfriendly towards surface people, but it just so happens that they are currently under attack by a giant worm. The worm was searching for it's eggs which were stolen by some more nefarious Dark Larinon to sell to even more sinister dark dwelling humanoids. Anyways, the heroes would have had two options: find the eggs or kill the giant worm. Either would have involved boss combat, either with the Egg thieves or the worm itself. After saving the Dark Larinon, their leader directs the heroes to the Opal Armor, which does not belong to them and is locked in a sanctuary a few levels further down. Having all other pieces of the Opal Armor, the heroes could get into the sanctuary (this is why the Armor had to be gotten last). With the armor, the heroes would proceed to the 'Water Shrine'.

The Shrine was not on the map yet, but it would have been on the south-west coast. At the shrine there is a non-functioning teleporter and a glowing sphere of water. The hero is allowed to don the armor and enter the water sphere to retrieve a magical trident. Fully armed, the hero (alone) is launched through a tube into the ocean. In the ocean, the hero follows an underwater passage fighting undersea creatures along the way. At the end of the passage is a sea dragon who is essentially blocking the teleporter from the water shrine. The hero kills the dragon and teleports back to the water shrine automatically. The hero retrieves his/her companion and heads back through the now functioning teleporter to the new island.

Inside the portal (to untrained travellers) it is a dark, strange and twisting landscape. There are very few creatures inside this strange world, but they are tough. The party eventually comes out the other end of the portal and find themselves outside Nostik's manor. They enter the manor to find Derig and the others waiting for them. Derig explains that the man they were chasing is a man named Lathan, Malkaron's son. Lathan was called in to take over for the heroes, who Nostik was afraid were getting a little too big for their britches. Anyways, Derig points out that there is a doorway to Nostik's true fortress in a room upstairs. The heroes (for some reason which I never thought out yet) are the only ones who can travel to Nostik's fortress, and so they do. There they have to fight Lathan, who summons a beast or three to help him. After defeating him, they find Nostik.

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