You can trade in your old stuff or your gold for new armour, weapons, spell and herbs. The shops that you can currently visit in Anistal are:

Shop Location
AlnersArmour Ekla
ShieltsWeaponry? Ekla
BlaknardsMiscellany? Ekla
LittleMagicShop? Randen
IgnarsItemShop? Randen
NelgarsArmory? Andra
ShendsWeaponry? Andra
BrandsFineArmours? Andra
TheLibraryOfAndra? Andra
DreskanItemShop? Maldea
GoleraksItemShop? Maldea
ResdinsWeapons? Maldea
NestersFineArmour? Sunarin
VezdinsArmsAndArmours? Sunarin
VezdinsWonderousItems? Sunarin
BlackMagic? Ajantara
WhiteMagic? Ajantara
AjantaraItems? Ajantara
AjantaraArmor? Ajantara
AldericsWeapons? Pulcannen
EzbaransItems? Pulcannen
AgrasiansArmor? Pulcannen
TheColosseumShop? Coliseum
RufussCabin? KarnoksPass

If a shop has run out of your fabourite item, be sure to call in later. Fresh supplies can arrive at any time.

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