Noslom appears to have some kind of experience with the staff. He fears that the staff in question is "the same staff." He has "no choice" but to investigate.
Primary motivation: Seeks the staff in order to make up for the emotional trauma caused by his hilarious-sounding name. Oops, I mean that he seeks the staff for unclear reasons. He seems to fear the misuse of the power of the magical staff and he wants to stop it from falling into the wrong hands.

Primary ability - Sense - Noslom can view some attributes of the enemies that he is fighting. He can see hp, mp and elemental resistance using this ability. Sense can be used repeatedly.

Secondary ability - Noslom"s rate of MP consumption is 60% that of everyone else.

PeterHull: Noslom seems to have a lot of deep knowledge, and be rather philosophical and introspect about things. His outlook seems to be rather gloomy.

JoshBolduc: Here's some information to help explain Noslom's character.

Noslom is a sage, of sorts. He was an apprentice to one of the greatest sages the world has ever known. This sage was known as Barl, and Noslom spent three years under his tutelage. Near the end of Noslom's apprenticeship, Barl took on a mysterious client whom Noslom gathered was someone powerful and perhaps even dangerous. This person paid Barl a great deal of money to research the history of a magical staff and, if possible, even discover where it was located. For months, Barl and Noslom spent all of their time travelling from town to town and library to library seeking out information. Their research led them to believe that the staff was dangerous, but until they found out more about it they couldn't make any definite plans about how to deal with the mysterious stranger.

Then it happened that one day Barl disappeared. Noslom and his master were in a great castle library reading through some ancient tomes, and Noslom fell asleep. When he awoke, Barl was nowhere to be found. Noslom spent the rest of the day looking around the castle and the town, but had no luck. So, with no other option, Noslom returned home to see if Barl had done the same. He found Barl's home in complete disarray and it appeared as though someone had been there looking for something. Noslom became very worried and spent the next few days locked up in his house. After a while, Noslom decided that he had no choice but to try and find Barl... but just as he was about to leave town, he discovered the note from Nostik. Worried that this staff was the same one that the mysterious stranger was looking for, he left right away.

The idea here is that Noslom should meet up with his master again at some point... or at least find out what happened to him. As well, who is this mysterious stranger... and are the staves indeed the same?

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