Nostik calls 8 people to a secretive meeting in ReishaMountain. There, his butler meets all of you and takes you to NostiksManor. He briefs you about Malkaron, the StaffOfXenarum, recent monster sightings, etc. and sends you on a quest to find this staff before Malkaron's minions do.

(from an email on 3rd May)
As it stands on MergedPlans and FuturePlans, each character has his/her personal reasons for going on this quest. Then their personalities really shine when the subplots are played out and you see who they are and what they're like.

So now we have to figure out who Nostik is and what the quest is that he sends us on. It seems inconsistant with the fact that there are even these subplots (and the fact that the others get caught up in helping with them, which is where you meet up with them) with the "Malkaron enslaved me and you need to find my staff!" line.

Suggestions I've received so far:

TT: I think this last one would be the best one to develop, since it would make sense as to why everyone gets pulled into these subplots (where you subsequently meet them so they join your party). Nostik's role can also be combined with a couple other of these above thoughts to really build some interest. (See NewPlot)

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