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You emerge from the UndergroundTunnel into Randen. You meet Ajathar who is guarding the stairway (TT: should this be a teleporter?). He will join you if you sealed the TunnelPortal.

You learn that the bridge that crosses the Braydon River has been destroyed. This bridge was reduced to cinders when an altercations between some travelers and some brigands resulted in a volley of magic. You will need to go there to investigate (and fight some monsters there). The bridge is supposed to be rebuilt soon, but the economy of the town will suffer until then.

You are also invited to stay at the inn once you've taken care of the monsters, which gives the workers enough time to mend the damage.

You also learn from a local guard that the mayor of the city has left on a trip to Andra to talk to their council, and that he should have been back by now. They may need to send people out after him to ensure his safety. A woman in green went with him, but no one had heard from them since.

Objective: Help fix the Bridge so you can continue across the river.

SideQuest: If you travel south of the city, you will find an OrcCamp in a grove of trees.

programmatic name: town2

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