Discovers the notice on a town wall soon after it was posted. She exclaims "Fortune!" and goes on to say that it is what she needs to help her Mom and Dad. We can assume that there is some kind of reward involved in finding the staff. Sarina's parents are poor, or perhaps sick. She will talk to her parents before embarking on the quest, suggesting that she is young and still lives with them, or that she has respect for her parents, or that her parents are really lousy, because who lets their kid go on a quest just to get some money? Maybe she should sneak away under cover of darkness or something.
Primary motivation: Fortune, but to help her Mom and Dad.

Primary ability - Sweep - attack all targets at once. Critical hits are possible but the screen doesn't flash. The attack is not as powerful as a single attack by Sarina. Sweep can be used as long as there is more than one target to attack. As well, Sweep is only possible with bladed weapons (axe, sword, and dagger).

Secondary ability - I've been wondering what to put for this, but for now I have given her some resistance to fire and lightning.

PeterHull: I think that Sarina would rather not be on this quest, but she's desperate to help her parents and has no other choice.

JoshBolduc: Here is a little more back-story for this young lady.

Sarina is the youngest of seven children... the rest were boys. Sarina's parents are quite old and her father just recently lost his job as a Stable Master for the local regent. Having such a big family, Sarin'a parents have not been able to save very much money over the years. All of Sarina's brothers have left home, but Sarina feels obligated to stay behind and help out if she can. Her parents are able to take care of themselves, but her father can not find another job. Sarina knows that adventure can be rewarding and jumps at the opportunity to acquire enough money so that her parents don't have to work any more.

Sarina is an accomplished warrior due to the fact that she had six older brothers :) However, Sarina is unaware that her mother was captain of the king's royal guard before she had even met Sarina's father, and that the women of Sarina's family were all great warriors. Passed down for years among the family has been a powerful sword and buckler known as Chendigal and Chendigra, respectively. Sarina is next in line to inherit these items, but they were lost when Sarina's mother was stripped of her rank for fraternizing with the handsome young stable boy who became Sarina's father.

The idea is that Sarina uncovers a lead on the whereabouts of these artifacts, and then has an opportunity to reclaim them.

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