Finding Nostik's posting in a room with six beds, two fireplaces, three bookcases and 5 1/2 tables, Sensar exclaims "Fame and fortune! Cool! I'm there man!" before heading off on a deadly adventure. Clearly, Sensar is not too bright. Appears not to have any sort of important relationships, familial or otherwise, since he decides right away to go on the quest and has a penchant for talking to himself. Cocky and na´ve.
Primary motivation: Fame.

Primary ability - Rage - this gives Sensar a damage/hit% boost, but costs about 10% of his hp. As well, if the original target of Sensar"s Rage perishes, then he also attacks the next person as well. Rage can be used as long as Sensar has enough hp.

Secondary ability - increased chance to hit critically.

PeterHull: Sensar is, I think, a bit hasty to get into trouble. It fits in with him being an AlbinoLycanthrope.

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