An old man has a "new mission" for Temmin, which is, of course, the staff quest. The old man tells Temmin to find the staff, and then return it to him. If the magical staff poses no threat, then they will return it to Nostik. Temmin refers to the old man as "sir."
Primary motivation: Master's orders. Also, he probably wants to make sure that the staff is safe for returning to the old man as "sir" does.

Primary ability - Cover - using this Temmin does the same as if he were using "Defend". However, Temmin also blocks any attacks made against his partner. Cover can be used repeatedly as long as Temmin has a partner.

Secondary ability - Temmin suffers no spirit penalties for any equipment that he uses.

PeterHull: I see Temmin as having a military outlook - he is definitely on a mission. This might make him a bit gung-ho, and a bit inflexible.

JoshBolduc: Here is a little something to help round out Temmin a bit.

Temmin is a soldier, a knight, a paladin even. He possesses all of the qualities that make a warrior great. Temmin's father was a knight, as was his grandfather and so it was only natural that Temmin took up the sword as well. Temmin has always been the kind of fellow who has done what he was told. He studied hard and worked non-stop to make his father proud, and make him proud he did. But then, one day, Temmin messed up. He took pity on a thief and let her escape and his father publicly shamed him... going so far as to claim that Temmin was a disgrace and not worthy of being his son. At this point Temmin was given a new, lowly, mission and he took the opportunity to get away from it all for a while and get his head together.

This makes Temmin a little different than your typical 'lawful good' type character. He used to be quite gung-ho and rigid, but his common sense sometimes allows him to override what duty and honour say are the only way to do things. Temmin fights with what he's been taught about honour and justice and with doing what's right even though it may not be entirely honourable.

This uncertainty and doubt lead Temmin to seek out the Dark Crusader. Legends speak of the Crusader, a warrior of justice and honour, a title that was passed down from father to son for seven generations of the noble Algorath family. The last Crusader, a man named Tarn, became obsessed with the prophecy of the Seventh Crusader and lost his mind thinking he was destined to die young and alone. He became increasingly dark and brooding and retreated to a mountain fortress after slaying his companions in a fit of psychopathic rage.

The idea is that Temmin will learn of this Dark Crusader and become intrigued by this man and his plight. Temmin fears that this man is/was very much like himself and that he might one day go crazy as well. Perhaps then, by freeing this madman of his pain, he could reclaim the glory of the Crusaders and start the line anew. This too, would prove to Temmin's father that his son is indeed a noble knight and a good man.

ChrisBarry: Heh; my take on Temmin is just that he's a loyal knight on a mission. Which involves backstabbing his team members to bring the staff back. ;)

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